The goal of this unit is to teach you how to cultivate a supported hand structure and supple forearm and upper arm. I call the "Piano Hand" but really it is not just about the hand.

In fact, piano hand is not about one particular hand position or shape, but about a muscular dexterity that is unique to the piano. It is about the ability to support the hand structure while remaining supple in the forearm and upper arm. A cultivated piano hand can maintain this structure in an quiet position (with the fingers resting on the keys) or in an active position (with non-playing fingers raised above the keys.)

Cultivating "Piano Hand" is absolutely essential for a good technique. And many people are dramatically held back in their development because they fail to gain this control early on. By the end of this unit, you should understand the different hand shapes available to you and begin cultivating the ability to maintain any hand position while remaining supple and free of tension in the arm.

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